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16 page zine, A6, gloss paper, full colour

Oneirosepsis preview


Dream Map 12.3

Asemic Art Print

40x32'' print folded into 4x10'' card cover
Each map features a unique signature symbol
Each cover features hand drawn decoration in silver ink and is sealed with an individual wax stamp

Edition of 10
Dream Map 12.1 preview


Dream Jacket

Hand-painted leather jacket

Men's Small size

Enlarged image


3 Word Free Association Drawing

6x8.5" brush and ink drawing on heavy weight paper

Commission an original drawing based on 3 words of your choosing

Info and examples

Don't forget to include your 3 words in the Paypal 'Contact Seller Form' before finalising your purchase!


Page of Asemic Writing

Commission an A4 page of asemic writing

Hand written in black ink on heavy weight paper

Each piece is unique, but will be similar in style to the example on the left

enlarged example
£15 - including p&p (worldwide)

Other Items

Affiliated products from elsewhere on the Internet

Kutte #0

A5 size zine, black card cover, A3 sized poster inside, 52 pages.

Special Metal, real underground VS fake mainstream.

Featuring work by : Gene Mutation (UK), Tomahawk (Fr), RX13 (Fr), Arnus Horribilis (Fr), Daniel Cantrell (UK), Crippa Almqvist (Sw), Alkbazz (Fr), Pete Heyes (UK), Anef Berlin (Fr), Zigendemonic (Ukr), Eglé Shaltmira (Lv), Jurictus Necato (Fr), Sam Rictus (Fr), Victor Dunkel (Es), Constant Pillot (Fr), John Vaughn (Ca), Riton la mort (Fr), Reijo Kärkkäinen (Fi).

from Le Garage L.

Slug Tooth #1

Collective book. Edition of 150.
60 pages, black & white (color cover), hand-bound.

Art by: Les Freres Guedin, Boris Pramatarov, Ekstraternek, James Wells, Kevin Beaude, Nils Bertho, Daniel Cantrell, Tall City, Gwen Tomahawk, Zeke Clough, KIOS, Craig Earp, Antoine Frappa Dubois, LE NEVRALGIE COSTANTI, Tony Burhouse, Alkbazz, a deux doigts, Zooee Ghostly, Piera Goldstein Yerkes, David R. Cornejo, Erin Rollman, Erik Edborg, Angie Guevara, Didier Progeas, Hollis+Lana, Jasper Willow Rootz, Boswell, Magenta Phillips, Jacob Reese, Chrysope, Havant Townsend, Adam Stone
from Slug Tooth

Dream Map 6 t-shirt

Screenprinted, Black, 180gsm, 100% Cotton Shirt
Limited Edition of 60
Packaged in a hand screenprinted, hand numbered, custom envelope


A Kick in the Eye

A Kick In The Eye is an experimental collaborative graphic novel containing only abstract images and asemic writing. Authored by Rosaire Appel, Tony Burhouse, Tim Gaze, Marco Giovenale, Gareth A Hopkins, Satu Kaikkonen, Gary J Shipley, Christopher Skinner, Lin Tarczynski, Orchid Tierney, Sergio Uzal & Nico Vassilakis

from Amazon

An Anthology of Asemic Writing

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting is the first book-length publication to collect the work of a community of writers on the edges of illegibility.

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting is compiled and edited by Tim Gaze from Asemic magazine and Michael Jacobson from The New Post-Literate blog.

from Uitgeverij

Escape From Uranus by Los Pecadores

Debut Album by Leeds' premier surf-violence posse

Cassette - £4.49
CD - £7.49
Vinyl LP - £12.99

from Norman Records

Stickerbomb Monsters

Selected artists include: Vladimir Stankovic, Alex Young, Iain Burke, Johnny Ryan, Ronzo and Sunil Pawar. This collectable, fully-peelable sticker book is filled with an amazing set of 250 stickers.

from SRK

Stickerbomb XL

More than 160 fully peelable stickers, including designs by: Alex Face (Thailand), Broken Fingaz (Israel), Casper CMK (Japan), Cone, DXTR, Herr von Bias, Nychos and Vidam (from The Weird crew), Darbotz (Indonesia), Jace (Reunion Island), Jon Contino (USA), Mr Niko (Iran), Mr Penfold (UK), Ronzo (UK), Sheryo (Singapore), The Yok (Australia), Zosen (Spain).

from SRK

Alkom'X 7

Tribute the The Voynich Manuscript. Stitched booklets A5 85gsm soft paper, 256 pages including 16 screen-printed fold-outs, silkscreened wrap-around cover.

Featuring artwork by: Alain Marciano - Alkbazz - Anna Ehrlemark - Anne Basaille - Antonin Malchiodi - Arnus Horribilis - Benjamin Monti - Cazzimir Meulemans - Chiu Kwong Man - Ciro Fanelli - Constant Pillot - Craoman - Crippa Almqvist - Damir Steinfl - Daniel Cantrell - Dave 2000 - David Paleo - Dunja Jankovic - Egle Shaltmira - Endrju - Eric Ferrier - Franck Omer - G - Gaspard Pitiot - Gwen Tomahawk - Haz - J. & E. LeGlatin - Jari Vaara - Jarno Latva-Nikkola - Jon Vaughn - Judex - Julia Curran - Julien Rictus - Kapreles - Les Freres Guedin - Line Oshin - Ludovic Levasseur - Marc Brunier-Mestas - Marc van Elburg - Marcel Ruijters - Marcus Nyblom - Marko Turunen - Mathieu Desjardin - Mattias Elftorp - Mattt Konture - Mikko Luostarinen - Nils Bertho - Olaf Ladousse - Pierre Marty - Quentin Mabuse - Reijo Karkkainen - Remi - Ryan O'Malley - Saddo Raul - Sam Rictus - The Pit - Pia Zadora - Thomas Raimondi - Timothy Georgarakis - Tom - Tommi Musturi - Tony Burhouse - Victor Dunkel - Zeke Clough - Zigendemonic

from Le Garage L.

Chewing Scum

60 pages, A4, B&W, Pictures & Comics
Cover : Zeke Clough
Cover screenprinted at the Cotoreich workshop
Artists : Adrien Fregosi, Anne Van Der Linden, Alexandra Waliszewska, Gaspard Pitiot, Ludovic Levasseur, Yann Trehin, David Paleo, Mathieu Desjardin, mo xia, Shaltmira, Alkbazz, Riton la mort, Eric Demelis, Soren Glosimodt Mosdal, Jacob Orsted, Boris Hurtel, Pillippe Dardelet, Jerry Scoundrel, Paul Loubet, Jerry Scoundrel, Francois de Jonge, Pierre Bolide, Ronchon, Zeke Clough & CrippaXXXAlmqvist, Saulo Tiago from Brazil, Sisca Locca, Kapreles, Luis Drayton, Audrey La Delfa, Tony Burhouse, Damien Chelaouchi, 4ndr345 M4RCH4L, Noemie Barsolle, Nuvish, Guimow alias Grenouille.

from Amours d'Éris

Good vs. Evil - Issue 6

MAN VS MONEY 80 pages, B&W, perfect bound, 148 X 210mm
Artists : Fragment M, Colin Henderson, Otuyuchan, Tourlas, Tony Burhouse, Martin Lacko, Jeroen De Pauw, Tom Hudson, Sebastian Jefford, Kengo Kitabashi, Tim Lahan, John D Morton, Jurictus, Cazzimir, Duy Thang Nguyen, Y16o, Matt Lambert, Nanook, Mark Turbochainsaw, Steven Silverwood, Kate Mcmorrine, Judex, Jon Vaughn, The Horror, Satanik Mike, Wayne Horse

from Good vs. Evil

Bits In Multiples of 8

A collection of video game fan art by various illustrators from around the world focused on 8bit to 64bit gaming.
Perfect bound, grayscale interior, approx 90 pages
Info and pictures

from Jimmy Giegerich Illustration

Gig Poster 'Pinch'

Two color (Silver + Black) screen-print on 300gsm A2 art paper. Printed by Idle Beats
from Idle Beats